October 26th, 2011

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Personal Media Starts Selling Data Erasure Software "Disk Shredder 4"

-- "Disk Shredder4" Supports Increasing Demand for Data Erasure in Emerging Countries --

Tokyo, Japan -- Personal Media Corporation(hereafter PMC, President: Akira Matsui, Head office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan, Tel: +81-3-5759-8305, Capital: 10 million yen) announced today that PMC will start selling "Disk Shredder 4", a data erasure software for PC hard disks to the customers of the world on October 26th, 2011.

In the emerging countries that have exploding PC market, efforts against data leakage from PCs are getting into full swing. Just like Western developed countries, there is growing concern about security such as personal information protection due to the spread of the Internet. Under these circumstances, a demand for the data erasure of hard disks will increase greatly as the first step for protecting data leakage.

"Disk Shredder 4" has been highly regarded in Japan for the simple operations and the epoch-making licensing system that the software can be used repeatedly and indefinitely with no limit. This time, PMC provides "Disk Shredder 4" by translating the messages in the program of the original "Disk Shredder 4"(Japanese version).

The following products are available as "Disk Shredder 4". You can purchase "Disk Shredder 4" directly from PMC International Retail Site, wherever you are.

"Disk Shredder 4 Standard" FD version, CD-ROM version
(standard price: 30,000yen each)
It's a standard version which includes 6 erase methods, “NSA(National Security Agency) recommendation” and “random numbers, 1-5 times”. The log function for saving the data-erasure records into a USB memory is available.
"Disk Shredder 4 Super" FD version, CD-ROM version
(standard price: 60,000yen each)
It's an enhanced version. In addition to Standard version's erase methods, various methods including US Department of Defense complaint, US Army compliant, US Navy compliant, US Air Force compliant and Gutmann recommendation are available. Like Standard version, the log function is also available.
"Disk Shredder 4 Lite" FD version, CD-ROM version
(standard price: 10,000yen each)
It's an economy version(*1). The simpler operation is available, because the erase method is fixed as "random number, once writing". If you order 10 pieces or more at once, you can change the erase method by "Erase-method-change service".
"Customized version"
We can customize "Disk Shredder 4" to meet your desired specifications. For example, "Full automatic version" processes lots of PCs efficiently, without any key operation. In addition, we can provide "Disk Shredder 4" with other languages besides English and Japanese.

*The Japanese versions have the same product lineup.

"Disk Shredder" series: Sales performance in Japan

"Disk Shredder" was born in March 2001. As a data erasure software, "Disk Shredder" series has been adopted by a wide variety of customers including many representative companies of Japan, leading public offices, local governments(prefectural governments, municipal governments), financial institutions(brokerage houses, banking companies), educational institutions(universities, senior high schools), hospitals, and mass media(TV stations, newspaper companies, publishing companies). There are more than 5,000 contracts, as of September 2011.

Features of "Disk Shredder 4"

  • Can be used repeatedly with no limit
    Having one piece of the product CD-ROM or floppy disk enables you to erase the data of hard disks any number of times or units of PCs. The more you use this software, the more you save the unit cost. Besides, you don't have to count the use of a data-erasure software or licenses.
  • Simple Operations
    Anyone can use this software so easily, because you need a few key operations to start erasure.
  • Data erasure log function (available on Standard and Super version)
    You can save the data erasure log as a file in USB storage. This erasure log includes the information such as a date, an erasure method, a PC's model number, a hard disk's serial number(*2). The log can be used as the management information of discarded PCs.
  • OS is unnecessary
    "Disk Shredder 4" boots up from a piece of media(CD or FD) and erases all the data of a hard disk completely. It does not matter which OS(old versions of Windows or Linux) is installed. It does not matter whether a hard disk includes OS or not.
  • Made-in-Japan TRON technology
    "Disk Shredder 4" runs speedily with a compact program, using the realtime OS for embedded systems "PMC T-Kernel/x86", one of the TRON project's results.

Product specification

Chart. "Disk Shredder 4" System requirements
PC/AT compatible PCs(*3)(*4)
  • CPU: Intel Core i3/5/7, Core2, Core, Atom, Pentium, Celeron, 486SX/DX (including compatible CPUs)
  • RAM: 16MB or more
  • Input device: Keyboard (Mouse is not essential)
  • Graphic function: VGA (640*480) or more
  • Drives: System bootable CD-ROM or FD drive (Built-in or external USB type)(*5)
Target hard disks
  • ATA (IDE, EIDE), Serial ATA type(*6)
  • Up to 1TB/disk
  • Up to 8 hard disks of the same PC can be erased together.
  • Number of partitions, the type of file systems and the built-in OS do not matter for this software.
"Disk Shredder 4 Lite" does not support the log function.
In some cases, it is impossible to save the information such as a model name, a model number and a serial number, due to the specification of PC or the restriction of BIOS.
Please note that not every PC model is guaranteed for the data erase by "Disk Shredder 4", because there are dependencies on BIOS, the boot method, the chipset (controller of the hard disk) of PC or the type of the hard disk.
This software doesn't run on Macintosh. This software also doesn't run normally when a special peripheral is connected to a PC or a BIOS setting is special.
CD-ROM drive which is connected by SCSI or IEEE1394(i.LINK) cannot be used.
This software doesn't work with SCSI type hard disks, hard disks connected to special IDE adaptors, external hard disks such as USB connection type.

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