System requirements

By using the check program, you can check whether Disk Shredder 4 can erase the data of your PC's hard disks or not.
"Dish Shredder 4 Operation check program"

PC/AT compatible PCs (*1)(*2)

CPU Intel Core i3/i5/i7, Core2, Core, Atom,
Pentium, Celeron, 486SX/DX (including compatible CPUs)
RAM16MB or more
Screen resolutionVGA (640*480) or more
Drives System bootable CD-ROM or FD drive
Built-in or external USB type (*3)
Input device Keyboard (Mouse is not essential)
Please note that not every PC model is guaranteed for the data erase by Disk Shredder 4, because there are dependencies on BIOS, the boot method, the chipset (controller of the hard disk) of PC or the type of the hard disk.
This software doesn't run on Macintosh.
CD-ROM drive which is connected by SCSI or IEEE1394(i.LINK) cannot be used.

Target Hard Disks(*4)

Connection type(*5)ATA (IDE, EIDE), Serial ATA type
CapacityUp to 1TB/disk
Number of disksUp to 8 hard disks of the same PC can be erased together.
OtherNumber of partitions, the type of file systems and the built-in OS do not matter for this software.
This software does not support RAID and SSD(Solid State Drive).
This software doesn't work with SCSI type hard disks, hard disks connected to special IDE adaptors, external hard disks such as USB connection type.

Storage for Data Erasure Log

Connection typeUSB
DeviceUSB memory, USB type SD/CF card reader, etc.
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