Product Lineup

  • Disk Shredder 4 Standard
    It's a standard version. You can select a erase method from among 6 choices, “NSA(National Security Agency) recommendation” and “random numbers, 1-5 times”. If you want to change a erase method depending on a target PC, it's the best. By using the log function, you can save the data-erasure records into a USB memory. The largest number of Disk Shredder users are using this version, and companies and organizations from a variety of industries are using this version.
  • Disk Shredder 4 Super
    It's a top-of-the line version. In addition to Standard version's erase methods, various methods including US Department of Defense complaint, US Army compliant, US Navy compliant, US Air Force compliant and Gutmann recommendation are available. It's recommended for companies who have a specified erase method by a security policy. Data-erasure-log function(saving the data-erasure records into a USB memory) helps IT asset management.
  • Disk Shredder 4 Lite
    The erase method is fixed as "random number, once writing." The affordable price assists your large scale installation. If you order 10 pieces or more at once, you can change the erase method by Erase-method-change service.
  • Customized version
    We can customize Disk Shredder 4 to meet your desired specifications. "Full automatic version" processes lots of PCs efficiently, without any key operation. English version with English messages, Japanese version with Japanese messages are now available. Customization
Product comparison chart
Disk Shredder 4 Standard Super Lite
Number of Times, PCsNo limit
InstallationUnnecessary (Boot from CD or FD media)
"Big Drive" hard disks (137GB or more, up to 1TB)Compliant
Data-erasure for plural disks of the same PC at the same timeAvailable
Disk-contents-viewing functionAvailable
Erasure log functionAvailableNot available
Erase method6 methods17 methods1 method
Key operations to start erasure3 times2 times
Maintenance serviceFree media replacement for 1 year from the purchase date
(Shipping cost for the damaged media should be paid at your end, except for an unexpected incipient failure.)
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