Features of Disk Shredder 4

Bootable from FD/CD
Disk Shredder 4 boots directly from CD-ROM or floppy disk. You don't have to install programs and you can start data-erasure right now.
Easy to operate with your mother language
All the messages are written in English. Anyone can operate the software easily.
Can be used repeatedly with no limit
Having one piece of the product CD-ROM or floppy disk enables you to erase the data of hard disks any number of times or units of PCs, regardless of whether an individual user or a corporate user. You might save the management cost for software, because you don't have to count the use of a data-erasure software CD by CD or FD by FD. You can make use of Disk Shredder 4 for commercial purposes such as a data-erasure service.
Software License
Data erasure log saving function NEW
You can save the data erasure log as a file in USB storage. The information including a date, an erasure method, a PC's model name, a PC's serial number, a target hard disk's capacity, a model number, and a serial numbers are saved. (This function is available on Disk Shredder 4 Standard and Disk Shredder 4 Super.)
Data erasure log (a file saved in USB device)
Plural partitions and disks can be erased at the same time
Plural partitions and internal hard disks can be erased at the same time in a single operation.
Disk-contents-viewing function
By viewing the disk contents, you can compare the contents before and after using Disk Shredder 4. You can visually confirm that the data is erased certainly.
Viewing disk contents (before erasure)
Viewing disk contents (after erasure)
Rich product lineup
Three kinds of products, Lite, Standard and Super are available on the intended use. Both of English versions and Japanese versions are available.
Product lineup