Dara Erasure Software to Protect Data Leak from Recycled / Discarded PC

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October 26th, 2011
[Press Release]Personal Media Starts Selling Data Erasure Software "Disk Shredder 4"
October 26th, 2011
We have opened "Disk Shredder Website" English pages.

What is "Disk Shredder 4" ?

  • Data Erasure Software to Protect Data Leak from Recycled/Discarded PC Hard Disks
  • Data-Erasure-Log Function Helps IT Asset Management
    (Available on Standard/Super version)
  • Erasing Hard Disks' Data Completely/Collectively
  • Can be Used Any Number of Times with NO Limit!
    Can be Used for Any Number of PCs with NO Limit!
  • Supporting ATA, Serial ATA including High-Capacity Hard Disks, 137GB or more
  • No Need for Complicated Installation, Quite Easy to Use
  • Appreciated by Many Users, Trustworthy Made-In-Japan Software
  • Volume Discount, Supporting Volume Purchase

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Must-Have Data Erasure Software "Disk Shredder 4"

It has been pointed out that there is a risk of critical information leakage from recycled/discarded PCs. But, the number of information leakage cases is not decreasing.

If you put a file in Recycle Bin and delete a file from Recycle Bin in Windows, a file seems to be deleted. Despite you intended to delete files, lots of files can be restored by a commercial file-restoring software. Even if you format a hard disk or re-install OS from a recovery CD-ROM, a risk of information leakage never changes.

"Disk Shredder 4" erases hard disks' data completely, by overwriting meaningless data such as random numbers on every sector of hard disks.

It is recommended to erase data completely by yourself, when you recycle/discard PCs or when you return PCs to rental/leasing companies. Why don't you use "Disk Shredder 4" to protect information leak with easy operation?
FAQ on the necessity of Disk Shredder 4

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